Andrea Lavinthal and Jessica Rozler are the authors of The Hookup Handbook: A Single Girl’s Guide to Living It Up (released in 2005 by Simon Spotlight Entertainment). This funny roadmap to the world of McBooty and nondating went on to be translated into nine languages, get movie rights optioned by the Weinstein Company, and garner a lot of media attention, including coverage in the New York Times Sunday Styles section, the New York Times Book Review, USA Today, the Associated Press, Cosmopolitan, CosmoGIRL!, the Village Voice, the New York Post,  the New York Daily News, Good Morning America, The Mitch Albom Show, The David Lee Roth Show, and The Tyra Banks Show.

Andrea and Jessica are also the authors of Friend or Frenemy? A Guide to the Friends You Need and the Ones You Don’t (published in 2008 by HarperCollins), a humorous but realistic look at women and their friendships.

In addition to writing together, Andrea and Jessica are actually friends in real life, despite being very different people. Andrea is more into Louis Vuitton, while Jessica prefers Lou Reed. As Women’s Wear Daily put it in a feature article on the duo, “Lavinthal, all citified sorority girl in knee-high Michael Kors boots and honey-colored highlights, and the more cerebral, reserved Rozler seem at first glance an unlikely pair, but it was these differences that drew them together.”

When she isn’t writing, Andrea is an editor at Cosmopolitan. She lives, works, and shops in New York City.

Jessica works in book publishing. She lives, writes, and plays in New York City.